Thursday, January 21, 2016


Just a quick post to let you all know at the end of last year I moved over to a new site at 

I'm posting regularly and would love for you all to check it out!

Thursday, February 12, 2015


With it being Valentines Day just around the corner I thought I'd put a spin on things and talk about self-love; why I think it is insanely important, and how to practice it. Prepare for the up-most gushiest post ever but what else would you expect from me?!

Okay so let's start with a definition.

  1. 'regard for one's own well-being and happiness.'

To me, this basically means not doubting yourself or shaming your appearance, but rather valuing yourself and believing you are perfect as is. It means not trying to change yourself because you wholly accept yourself just as you are. Self love means recognizing what you enjoy and what makes you happier, and pursuing those things, for yourself. If you love yourself, you are content with how you are, 'flaws', 'faults' and all.

This Valentines Day, regardless of whether you have a special someone to spend it with, make it a promise to yourself to take some time to recognize how happy you are with yourself. Do you prioritize yourself? Do you fault your appearance? Do you make time each day to do what makes you happy? Can you hand on heart tell me you are at a peace with yourself?

Whilst in school, I seriously struggled with accepting myself and spent years battling wars against my own head, and God do I wish I knew then what I know now.

What helped me move past this 'phase' was the realization that I was seriously wasting my life away. I began to accept that our life is only as good as we make it and so why, if everything in life is a choice, would I choose to spend it unhappy? I believe we have one life and one life only - time is limited and I want to enjoy every moment. I decided I wanted to be happy and that I wasn't going to let myself be miserable any longer. Let me tell you, life is a hell of a lot better when you love yourself. 

Note: there's no denying that the term 'self-love' has some negative connotations. Vain, conceited and egocentric are all ones that come to mind. But loving yourself is not something to look negatively upon. What we should look negatively upon is the fact that all our lives we've been surrounded by advertisements, magazines and the general media industry who tell us we are always needing to improve ourselves. 'Buy this to get rid of your spots!' 'This miracle product will vanish those stretch marks!' What we don't realize is that these companies are literally gaining money from our low self esteem. They point out our supposedly flaws, just so we buy in to the products that will remove them. It's normal to have spots!!!! Everyone has stretch marks!!! Shock horror - no one is born with soft, silky hair!!!

You know what? I say be selfish. Put yourself first. If  having a solo dance party in your room to the cheesiest 90's tracks makes you feel good, do it! If spending hours with a book in a coffee shop is your idea of a perfect day, do it!

'Find what makes your heart sing and create your own music.'

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Best Places to Eat Vegan in Sydney

Sadhana Kitchen, Enmore

If you follow any vegan food bloggers on instagram, chances are you've came across Sadhana Kitchen's Instagram page... and let me tell you - their mouthwateringly beautiful dishes do not disappoint! The first time I visited I devoured the PB & J acai bowl, followed by a caramel slice; and second time (yes, it was that good that I had to drag a friend back to try their lunch foods!!) round I had the vegan lasagna, followed by a slice of carrot cake. Oh myyy was it delicious. It's just a shame their delivery only extends to Sydney... some sort of express air service to London would be highly appreciated (?????).

Sappho Books, Cafe & Wine Bar, Glebe

Discovering Sappho's was a complete mistake. Nestled in amongst various quaint bookshops on Glebe high street, it's easily to walk straight past this gem, particularly with it's window display being full of books. Once you walk in, and keep going through to the back, you will find yourself in THE coolest little cafe/bar you have ever came across! Filled with wooden furniture, brightly painted walls, and green plants everywhere, this place truly is a diamond in the rough. Serving coffee's and cakes by day, and wine and Spanish tapas by night, Sappho's has truly got you sorted. P.S. I highly recommend you try their vegan affogato, if you're anything like me, it'll be gone in seconds.

Earth to Table, Bondi

Earth to Table, like Sadhana Kitchen, is another raw vegan cafe. Now their 'rawnola' breakfast bowl was good, however I can't help but compare it to Sadhana's acai bowl, which was amazing! That said... for desert I had a peach and raspberry cake, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Dayum that stuff tasted good.

Lentil as Anything, Newtown

Lentil as Anything is a not-for-profit restaurant, where you pay only as much as you feel and/or can afford. Every day they have a daily menu comprised of one drink, a few mains, and a dessert. Inside there is such a lovely atmosphere - the tables stretch across the entire room, almost forcing people to engage in conversation with strangers! The restaurant also has a sign up saying if you want to help, grab an apron and ask the kitchen what needs to be done - an idea which I think is lovely! Their food is no thrills, but rather a hearty, home cooked meal, made with love!!


Last but not least are all the markets in Sydney. Glebe market, Bondi Market and Manly World Food Market all have plenty of options for vegans. Whether it be a freshly squeezed juice, a slice of raw vegan cake or a messy bowl of goodness (ahem, see above), someone will be cooking it up at a market stall.

I'm leaving Sydney now (I've a flight to catch in 6 hours!) so I thought I'd compile a list of places I never got to visit but wish I had. I guess you can all visit them, and let me live the experience through you and be super, super jealous??

  • Funky Pies, Bondi
  • Ungaro Raw, Rozelle
  • Venus Whole foods, Surry Hills
  • Ritual, Northbridge
  • About Life, all over(!)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Change in Direction

  • In 2 weeks time I will be flying out to Byron Bay on a one-way ticket. I have no plan, no further ticket, accommodation or activity booked - and this both thrills and terrifies me. Maybe I'll head straight up the East coast, taking a month and head home. Maybe I'll stop for work along the way. Maybe I'll have money left over and go to Bali, New Zealand, or Fiji. Who knows! I'm planning on taking each day as it comes and just seeing where life takes me.

  • In the midst of one of those 'what-am-I-going-to-do-with-my-life' late-night crises, I decided to apply to university in the Netherlands. It's a liberal arts course, meaning I will be studying humanities, social sciences, sciences and everything in between - perfect for someone like me, a lover of anything and everything there is to learn! It's merely an option, and seeing as it's a pretty competitive course I am not pinning all my hopes on it, but rather leaving it as a possibility come September.

  • I'm currently reading '365 Thank Yous - The Year a Simple Act of Daily Gratitude Changed My Life', and it truly has opened my eyes to the effect of saying thank you, and regrettably, how little I say thanks to people for those seemingly-unimportant everyday things. I'm now trying to say thank you to people a lot more, particularly to people who I haven't made the time to tell how much they mean to me/how happy I am to have them in my life.

  • While we're at it, I may as well tell you about my other current favourites; I have been listening to a lot of James Taylor, plenty of Hozier (particularly loving 'From Eden'!!!) and feel-good summer tunes like 'Jubel' by Klingande.

  • And of course, a post on this blog would not be complete without a good ol' quote to finish it off; this one is one of my all-time favourites -

“For what it’s worth: it’s never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you find that you are not, I hope you have the courage to start all over again.”

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Yesterday Alicia and I ventured down to Glebe's weekly Saturday market, abundant in second hand clothing, delicious patisserie treats, handmade jewellery and unwanted books and DVDs.

For anyone who has ever been, it very much resembles Brooklyn Flea Market, in the sense it is held in a large open space, with stall holders strictly under 30 and lots of cheap, tatty vintage clothing which, admittedly, I wouldn't give a 2nd glance to if I were anywhere else.

I find that vintage markets are very hit and miss, and unfortunately yesterday was a 'miss' and I didn't manage to discover any gems. That said, Glebe served me well in the food department. I bought a raw cane juice (which was ground fresh right in front of me!) from Tall Grass Cane Company, a raw vegan mango and macadamia cheesecake from 80raw/ 20paleo, and a pumpkin spice muffin.

Directly opposite the market is Glebe bookshop, which naturally, Alicia and I spent nearly an hour in, engrossed in the dozens of coffee-table books on offer.

Next door is another bookshop, however walking through to the back of the library, we found ourselves a true hidden gem; Sappho Books, Cafe and Wine Bar. Behind what we thought was just an old, quaint bookstore, was a vegan cafe by day, and a wine & tapas bar by night. I cannot exclaim my excitement for this place!!! The outdoor area out back is frivolous in green potted plants, graffiti-covered walls and uni-students tapping into the free wi-fi, studying away. I can only imagine what a wonderful atmosphere it would be at night, with the wine bar and local beer on draft, live acoustic music and of course, yummy cruelty-free Spanish tapas.

It's so strange because just on the ferry in to the city Saturday morning, I told Alicia of my dreams of opening up a vegan coffee shop - a true gap in the market, I thought - looks like someone got in there before me! What can I say.. Great minds think alike, right?

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Why I Have Made It One Of My New Years Resolutions To Stop Saving and Start Spending (and so should you).

For as long as I can remember, I've been a thrifty spender. A meal out, a day's travel card or an item of clothing are all major expenses in my eyes - so much so that I'd often find myself declining an offer to have a day out as - regardless of me having more than enough money in my bank - 'I couldn't afford it'.

Since arriving in Sydney it has come to my attention that this stingy mentality leaves me missing out on opportunities and amazing experiences - things I will look back on and regret not doing.

Now it's not like I don't have any money to spend. In fact this continuous habit of saving for the past few years has left me with quite a healthy bank balance. Saving is all I've ever known and I admittedly find it hard to splash the cash.

However, I cannot go on like this! I cannot return to England having not snorkeled at the Great Barrier Reef, having not devoured a breakfast at the numerous delicious vegan cafes in Sydney and having not sucked up and paid admission to at least one of the many attractions Australia has to offer.

I refuse to 'live to work'. I don't want to be 40, in the midst of a mid-life crisis and just working all day, every day, to pay the bills for a house I'm barely in, and for a car I rarely drive.

In addition to enjoying my job, I am essentially working to earn money; and so I shall spend that money on life's little luxuries. Treat myself on a gorgeous new bedspread! Buy the finest quality groceries! (I.e. not what is just on offer). Go amazing places and do amazing things.

Note: In this post I am in no way advocating dipping in to your overdraft account.. I am merely encouraging us all to acknowledge that it is super duper okay to spend your disposable income, rather than feeling like you must bank it, letting it just sit in your account for 'future needs'.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that if you will otherwise regret not doing something, then it is well worth spending on. That extra 50 bucks is not worth a missed opportunity and a lifetime of regret!!