Sunday, June 29, 2014



So let's go back to basics. 

Shona, 17 (and 51 weeks), London, student*.

*Not anymore because as of June 17th I sat my final A-level exam, which brought me to the end of my long 14 years of compulsory education!!!!!!!!

I love (/the idea of): bonfires on the beach, the feeling you get as the crowd chant along, to every word, of the closing song at a concert, long country walks, small cute vegan cafés, the ocean, bike rides (with a basket overflowing with fresh fruit, veg, and flowers). Oh, and quotes. I live by quotes.

Call me cheesy. In fact label me the most cringey person you have ever come across - but I have a passion for life. Okay, stop. Before you roll your eyes and think 'she's one of those', hear me out.

I have a passion for life. And by this I mean I am in awe of life and a proud enthusiast of taking interest in everything, especially the smaller, 'less-spectacular' things which would otherwise be written off as 'nothing special' or go unnoticed.
I guess this is due to a promise I made to myself a while back, one which I can finally say I commit to, and that is to always pursue happiness. To ensure that I am always content, and if I'm not, to change it. I'm a strong believer in going after what you want.. Which brings me to where I am now...

Having deferred my university entrance until 2015, later this year I will be travelling with a friend around Thailand for a month, before moving to Sydney on a working visa. Excited is an understatement.

So, with the entire freedom of my life ahead of me, I hereby make a (further) promise to myself to fill it with spontaneity and adventure. And whilst doing so, I hope to record it all on this little site of mine - so to never forget a single moment.


  1. Congratulations on finishing all your exams & welcome back to blogging, I've missed your posts!
    I hope this doesn't sound cheeky but how long are you going to sydney for and did you organise it through a gap year agency thing? I'm really interested in working in Australia in my gap year but I have no idea where to start?

    Hope you're having a lovely day,
    Stacey xx

    1. Hiya! No - honestly I don't mind answering questions in the slightest! Well I have a university place for September 2015 (that's if I get the grades in August!), however I'm not 100% about coming home for it. I'm going to go over there with an open mind, and see how it goes.. if life is amazing and I have a decent job, and the thought of returning home to go to university is not a good one, then I won't. I'm not going through an agency as I've read online that everything you get help with via an agency is completely possible to do by yourself. (So things like getting a visa sorted, getting a tax file number, getting an international sim and finding work.) If you're planning on staying in hostels at first, most of them have job boards and offer a lot of job support. There's also sites like gumtree and several others where employers advertise vacancies. Of course, this is only what I've heard, and for all I know it could be all wrong! Fingers crossed though that everything works out for us both!!

      Good luck!xx

    2. Thank you so much for answering! You seem to have the right idea and I never thought about doing it myself so I'll definitely have a look. Thanks again for all your help:)

      Stacey xx