Sunday, July 13, 2014

Enjoying the little things

Saturday morning. I woke up around 9ish, and laid comfortably under my covers (despite it being the height of summer), whilst scrolling through the mouth watering breakfasts of foodie-instagrams and opening all the drunken snapchats sent by my friends at the early hours of the morning. About half an hour later, I slipped out of bed and went downstairs to make myself two - yes two - morning cuppas; a classic English breakfast, followed by a herbal (fennel subtype). 

Whilst singing along to Arctic Monkeys' 'Snap Out Of It' on Absolute, I whipped up my breakkie (anyone else's favourite meal of the day?). The sun was shining through my glass kitchen roof, and it really felt like summer - contrary to most July days in England - so i decided today's concoction would be banana ice cream. No, I don't mean Ben & Jerrys 'Banana Split', I mean frozen bananas thrown in a blender, along with whatever else takes your fancy. As indecisive as always, I made a part-cherry, part-coco, part-cinnamon-date #nicecream - and it tasted delicious. I devoured this whilst sprawled out on my sofa; ice cream to my right, the remains of my herbal tea to my left, and my trustee MacBook on my lap, with the usuals open; youtube, tumblr, emails, Bloglovin and iPhoto.

recipe anyone?
Shi* sugar. One hour until I need to leave, but, I refuse to rush. I do not rush. So in leisurely fashion I sent my laptop to 'sleep', and hurried upstairs to find yesterday's clothes shop dumped in front of my bedroom door (mum's not too keen on me leaving my 'rubbish' spread out across the house). Remembering all the amazing bargains I bought yesterday, I felt only obliged to perform a little fashion show for myself. (A fashion show that turned into a spam-all-my-friends-on-snapchat session). 

With that over, I did my hands, face & teeth, applied tinted moisturiser and a brush of mascara, pulled out of the bag yesterday's work uniform purchase and threw it on, pleasantly surprised with how quick that outfit choice was. A couple selfies later, whilst still refusing to rush, I was ready. Bus due in ten minutes, perfect. 

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