Monday, July 21, 2014


Friday last week the weather was a record high of 31 degrees here in London, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to head to Greenwich, a place so close to me yet one I rarely visit. I guess I never really stop and think about how grateful I am for growing up in London. As much as I spent my childhood begging my parents to move to the countryside - where in my head, I'd look out the window and see miles and miles of green fields, and everyone's mode of transport is a pastel vintage bike with a wicker basket, and we would grow all our own fruit and veg, and my childhood 'pet' would be a horse - London really isn't a bad place to live.

The market at Greenwich really is a hidden gem. With city guides sending you to the likes of Southbank, Hackney and Camden for delicious market food, I feel like Greenwich Market doesn't get the recognition it deserves.

With all cuisines and diets catered for, whether you are craving Latin American salsa & tacos, or a Cornish pasty, there's something for everyone. My eyes lit up when I saw a stall labeled '100% vegan', selling both bakery goods (brownies, cakes, tarts), and entrees (quiches, salads). 

As a vegan it can sometimes be hard to find places that cater to 'my needs', so I was delighted to find such a range available. After nibbling on tasters, I went for a chocolate walnut brownie.. and let me tell you, it did not dissapoint! 

With our lunch in hands (a falafel wrap, a brownie, and a mango & orange juice - all fresh from the market), my friend and I headed up to the top of the hill to picnic under the shade of a huge bowing tree, with a view of London right before our eyes.

With it's location being nestled away in South East London, right on the River Thames, means that from the top of Greenwich Park you can see the entire skyline of London - definitely a photo hotspot. Tourists also always get a kick out of standing on the Meridian Line (which is a reference for Greenwich Mean Time - GMT), where you will be positioned at exactly 0 degrees longitude. 

Another must-see in Greenwich is the Painted Hall inside the Royal Naval College. It's said to be 'one of the finest dining rooms in Europe'. Unfortunately I don't have any photos but its intricately designed ceiling and detailed walls, which took 19 years to complete, is not one to miss! (I've witnessed some lucky brides get married here - a true fairytale wedding..)

I love going on little adventures so let me know if there's any 'hidden gems' where you live?!


  1. Greenwich looks wonderful! Cute outfit too xxx

  2. It really does look lovely, I've been a Londoner all my life as well and I have to admit I really don't explore it as much as I probably should. I definitely want to head here! :)


  3. This all looks so lovely :) I remember it being so difficult finding places to eat when I was vegan too! So that must've been nice to find!

    Sam xx

  4. Looks so beautifull!!! Living in London sounds amazing!


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