Thursday, July 17, 2014

New York 2

When scrolling through my June photo stream, I realised that I'd missed out the above photos from my previous post (here). These were taken on Jones Beach, Long Island - one of the most most popular beaches on the East Coast. The day my mum and I went there was a 'Brooklyn on the beach' event, where several Brooklyn-based vendors had set up on Long Island, selling pizza to coconut water, t-shirts to beer (lots of beer). Whilst my mum opted for a pint, I went for a freshly made carrot juice.. the coconut water was tempting, but ever since trying 'Vita Coco' - which although, really trying to enjoy the highly-raved-about beverage, it's unfamiliar, terrible taste made it a struggle to drink - I have steered clear!
And what's a day at the beach without a packed lunch? I picked up a au-natural LARA bar (which tasted similar to a nakd bar (which by the way if you haven't yet tried, go, now!)), alongside a yummy kale & nut salad and a pre-prepared fruit salad. Can you tell I love fruit?

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