Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New York

Planting Fields, Long Island

Planting Fields, Long Island

The day after my last exam I was up at 7am to catch a flight over to New York, where my mum grew up and home to my grandma. In between the days spent helping my grandma with her long list of housework and visiting family and friends, my mum and I managed to squeeze in 1 day in the city and another at the beach - something that, when combined with the weather, is something we are deeply lacking in England.

Planting Fields, Long Island

Our day in the city was a lovely one. We spent the morning strolling around Central Park, visiting the iconic landmarks like the Imagine mosaic, which is dedicated to John Lennon, and the Bow Bridge, a location known for its many appearances in film and tv.

Bow Bridge

We then headed down to Soho, where our first stop was lunch at Spring Street Natural, where I devoured a typical vegan dish of rice, black beans, tofu, vegetables and seaweed.

"Happiness can be found in the simplest of things. It is our passion to transform your everyday routines into more meaningful rituals..." (Soho)

With my prom looming, I dragged my mum along Broadway to hunt down accessories to compliment my Jarlo dress. I came away with pink chandelier earrings from Urban Outfitters, and a gold embossed arm cuff from a street vendor. Not forgetting the £20 denim skirt that I bagged in the American Apparel  outlet.

We finished the day meeting up with my cousin and his girlfriend, who live in Brooklyn, for dinner at Angelica Kitchen, an organic, plant-based restaurant. (I highly recommend!)

Aside from going into the city, I guess the other stand-out point of my trip was being burnt - the worst I ever have been in my life - on the beach, because stupid me forgot to lather on the spf whilst laying under the 30 degree sun for 5 hours or so. Despite this, with lots of fruit and an amazing read by my side - Steve Jobs biography (quick summary: in his early years, Steve Jobs was a highly intelligent yet rebellious fruitarian, who refused to wear shoes, went weeks without showering and travelled in India on one of his many quests to 'find himself'. Read it, it's good.) - I had a (nearly) perfect day.

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