Monday, August 18, 2014

Brighton, Richmond Park, Saatchi Gallery

Hellooo all.

This whole outfit from Forever 21 for around £20 - bargain or what?!
So I thought I’d do a quick summery of the past month or so – where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing. Way way back, before Paris, I went to Richmond Park with one of my best friends. It was suuuper cute just wondering around there for the afternoon. It was in the high 20s that day, so of course, we each treated ourselves to an ice cream. Whilst my friend had a classic Fruit Pastil lolly, I was super happy to find the park café selling Bessant & Drury’s vegan ice cream. Yum.

Another little trip I had was up to Chelsea with another friend, where we visited the Saatchi Gallery and took an obligatory trip to Wholefoods, whilst shopping on Kensington high street. Saatchi Gallery is definitely worth visiting. It’s full of weird, wacky artwork – from a wall covered in bugs, to optical illusion.

The next day I introduced my friend to one of my favourite places in England, Brighton. For those of you who have never been (& why is that I must ask?!) Brighton, I feel, is like all of London squeezed into one city. With the windy Lanes, which replicates the vibrant feel of Camden, offering everything from Morrocan interiors to vegan cafes to vintage emporiums; and the Churchill Square shopping centre for all of your high street favourites. Not to mention the gorgeous Pavillion Gardens and, of course – the beach and Brighton Pier!

 More recentely, it was my 18th birthday (see here) and I got my A Level results (see here)! 

At the moment I’m working 20+ hours a week in Topshop to save as much money as possible for travelling, fitting in meet-ups with old friends wherever possible, especially since they’re all off to uni next month!

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