Monday, September 8, 2014

A Device-Free Life

Recently, I've been trying to live more of a 'device-free life'. This means less time snapchatting friends, and more time spent actually face to face with them; less time watching youtube videos, and more time writing (pen to paper that is). 

I guess what prompted this change was the slightly worrying pain I had in my right thumb for weeks... Why did I have it? I'm ashamed to say that my Instagram addiction, amongst several other iPhone apps, meant my index fingers and thumbs were cramped in 'L' shapes where I had spent hours each day scrolling through my newsfeed. With sore thumbs, and a frazzled brain, I decided I needed to start looking up from my phone more, and take in my surroundings. 

A brilliant short film on youtube, 'Look Up' depicts my thoughts exactly on the matter. We're all so consumed with the world of social media that we're not really living, are we? By spending an hour on your phone a day, you're spending over 15 days a year fixed to the thing and in my opinion, missing out on life. As cheesy as it sounds, that time can be spent making memories and just experiencing the life you have before you! Whether this be learning something new, catching up with friends, or visiting a new place. If you're a regular reader of my blog you would know by now that I'm all for being in the present moment, and appreciating the simple things in life; which is why I say, don't live a passive life - go DO.

So, as always, I made a list, or as I like to call it, a 'note to self'

Write on paper, not on the phone 'notes' section
Read a book when on the train or bus
Make a date to meet friends, rather than to FaceTime them

If going out locally, leave the phone at home!!

Spend more time downstairs with the family, and less on the laptop in my room
And as simple as it sounds, look up 

What's your take on this whole 'device free life' idea? If you have any tips, please share!!

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