Sunday, September 28, 2014

What I've Watched/ Worn/ Read This Month

1. The Happiness Project. This has to be one of my favourite books, ever. I'm all for self-help books (or as Amazon likes to categorise them - 'Mind, Body and Spirit books), but I often find myself getting bored by the overload of information in the many of which I've read, for example 'The Power of Now' and 'The Art of Happiness'. The Happiness Project is an absolute perfect balance of narrative and theory. Gretchen writes about her personal quest for happiness by combining religious ideas with psychological theories with influential quotes to truly discover what is needed to increase happiness in a mundane life. Along the way she chooses a new focus each month, from 'Lighten up' to 'Buy some happiness', and in doing so she sets herself challenges to help her reach her goals. Whilst I am not devising my own happiness project on the back of reading this book, I can hand on heart say I'm more mindful of the little things that will make my life a happier one, such as 'Show up' and 'Don't expect praise'. 
P.S Let me just emphasise the greatness of this book by saying my mum is now reading The Happiness Project and I swear she has been smiling more!!

2. The World of Wanderlust Story. I love scrolling through Brooke's blog and Instagram, which always leave me with a severe case of both wanderlust and envy, wishing I was living her life, as a travel blogger, exploring all the beauties, nooks and crannies of the world. Her e-book tells her back story; how her lust for travel came about and how she can goes about doing what we all dream of - travel for a living. This book left me wanting to devise up an immediate bucket list of all the places I'd never since considered a must-see - Cesky Krumlov, Bruges and Hong Kong to name a few.

3. My Lokai Bracelet. I wear this bracelet every day and it has since come to my attention that it's actually quite popular in the world of social media?! I've had customers at work, colleagues and sales assistants all gaze at my wrist and tell me 'You've got a Lokai bracelet!'. However cringey this sounds, my bracelet does genuinely act as a reminder for me when I'm feeling down. Of course it's probably not the bracelet itself - it could be a tattoo, a ring, a badge etc - but having something on you every day to act as a symbol to stay positive is a very powerful thing.  I explained more about it here, but my Lokai bracelet was a birthday present from my best friends which signifies staying humble when you're on top and staying hopeful when you're low.

4. Emma Watson's UN Speech. Emma Watson's speech on gender equality.
5. We Need To Live More. My favourite blog at the moment, a must-read!
6. Upworthy. 'Things that matter. Pass 'em on'.
7. My Tumblr. (Yes, I scroll back through my own archive.)

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