Tuesday, October 21, 2014

18 Years in Travel Part 2 (The First Half!)

I wrote about my favourite places that I've travelled to in Part 1 (here). Upon writing that post I realised I had missed out the first half of my life - the times before we owned a digital camera! So, I dug out the old photo albums and picked out my favourites of the bunch. 

Unfortunately, I have a bad memory as it is, so trying to rack my brain to recall summer holidays as a 7 year old is impossible, so forgive me for the lack of the description! (I guess more of an excuse to read up on all the destinations!).

Santander, Spain

Santander, Spain

Comillas, Spain

Dordogne, France

Picos de Europa, Spain

Now your turn - any favourites you could recommend to me?

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