Friday, October 31, 2014


I must say I was slightly disappointed by Bangkok, bearing in mind I didn't have high expectations of the city to begin with. Our hostel, River View Guest House, was located in Talat Noi, just on the edge of China Town. Having been told by several not to stay near Kao San Road, we opted for a hostel closer to the train station. Big mistakeeee. Our hostel was surrounded by grungy mechanic shops, the odd Chinese food stall and not much else. From the demonic stares, we definitely got the vibe from locals that we didn't belong there.

We took the river taxi up to Khao San Road which was filled with fried food, elephant pants and fake ID stalls (only in Bangkok!). From the website HappyCow I found a vegan cafe called Ethos at the top of the iconic street. Here the staff were super friendly, and the floor seating and low lighting created a super chilled out vibe. That said, the food itself was just mediocre and came in humongous portions!!!

We arrived at the Grand Palace at 3:30 to find it was just closing (tip: don't be silly like me and actually check the temples opening and closing times!!). We went to Wat Pho instead which was incredibly beautiful and intricately decorated.

Although we had booked for 2 nights, all the overnight trains up to Chiang Mai were fully booked up apart from that night, so we added a bit of spontaneity to our trip and booked a same-day train. Although the hostel didn't give us our money back for the night we lost, they helped us secure a tuk-tuk to take us, and our mountains of luggage, to the Hua Lamphong train station.

I realize I sound like such a bore, and maybe slightly snobby, but I promise you Bangkok is just so so overwhelming and over-rated. We're now in Chiang Mai which I am in love with!! I guess Bangkok was just a tad too chaotic for a girl who's most in her element in the countryside!

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