Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dressing The Way You Feel - Culottes

cardigan - Never Fully Dressed

Shirt, culottes, sandals - Topshop

Culottes, for many of us, are one of them trends which you see everywhere - all over the catwalk, fashion mags and blogosphere - but decide it will never suit you and so, no matter how much you love the look of them, let the trend pass. Am I right?

Wellll on a spur of the moment thing, I bought these babies from Topshop a couple weeks back and am so glad. Although I initially suffered post-purchase regret, I quickly got over that after having a mini-fashion show in my room.

As a winter alternative to the above outfit, I would pair them with a slim fit roll neck, with hair tucked in (rocking the faux-bob look), a pair of chunky shoe (not boot) DMs, and of course some delicate ankle socks peeping out.

Anyway, on a slight tangent, what I really wanted to get across in this post is the idea that you do not need to always stick to what you're used to. I mean, if you're 10000% content with your usual look and hate the thought of dressing any differently, then great! But, take me, for instance; ask any of my friends and they will describe my style (or my general identity) as hippy-boho-free spirit-gypsy in the flower fields. But you know what? Sometimes I feel like channeling that minimalist inner Olsen twin inside of me (see above) or Rachel from Friends (see here)! 

Basically what I'm trying to say is don't let others define you, and don't get stuck in the mold of having to wear certain things, to maintain a certain image. Fashion is not some crazy cult where you have to wear a certain thing (don't even get me started on high-fashion season trends), just do what you want, dress how you feel, and be whoever you want to be (which of course, can change along with the mood you wake up with in the morning).

P.S. In regards to the first picture; I know I look drunk - I'm not. I swear it's only water - I promise.

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