Sunday, October 26, 2014

L'eto Brunch and a Final Farewell

So as you may or may not know on Tuesday I'm leaving to go to Thailand, then onwards to Australia for who knows how long?!

On Saturday I met up with three of my best friends to have a final day out before I go off. With Laura working up in London Monday-Friday 9-6, Kira busy doing an art foundation course and Xheni all the way in Chester at uni, the fact that we all managed to get together was special enough.

We originally planned on trying to get hold of the £5 tickets to see Matilda at the Cambridge Theatre, available first come-first serve to 16 lucky 16-25 year olds on the day.. However, despite arriving at 9:15 at the box office (which doesn;t even open until 10am!), there were already 32 people in the line (16 for the matinee performance, 16 for the evening showing - how convenient!). 

So, we scrapped that and went to L'eto Caffe, a short walk away in Soho, to decide on the plan for the day over brunch.

Let me tell you L'etto was soooo damn good. Whilst all of my friends opted for pancakes, I went for the quinoa granola with coconut yogurt and a fruit salad - and oh boy was it divine!

I also ordered a passion fruit herbal tea, which was served up in a jug with a cute teapot strainer to pour!

We decided on going to see Gone Girl, which, although I've seen it before, I totally did not mind seeing it again because it is amazing!! (Anyone who has not gone to watch it, go do so, ASAP - you will not regret it!!)

We then just pottered around town, completing some errands and browsing stores we're all too poor to shop at.

Anywho - the day was absolutely lovely and I will miss my friends more than words can describe!! They are literally the best people in the world and I feel so so lucky to have them in my life. Ah well, I've roped them all in to creating a Whatsapp and a Skype account so they can't escape from me that easy!

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