Monday, October 20, 2014

Sponsored Post: Live Fearlessly

 Fear: An unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

I think we all, no matter how much we deny it, or how strong our exterior, have a fear of something in life. I myself am guilty of proclaiming 'I'm not scared of anything'. So maybe I'm not terrified of spiders, and I can get on the underground without the fear of bombs racing through my mind; but you know what? I do have fears.
What we must remember is that fear isn't necessarily a physical thing, but can sometimes be a concept - an idea of something that scares you enough to stop you from living life to the full.

For years and years I was terrified of other peoples judgments. The feeling some may get when they stand at the top of a five-storey building, is the feeling I got when confronted with public speaking, a party where I knew no one. In fact, any opportunity to expose myself to people, absolutely terrified me. It stopped me from fulfilling my potential, both academically and socially.

Now, although I'm not 100% there yet, I can say my fear is 95% gone. The process of change certainly wasn't overnight; it took me years of wishing I could be different and just live fearlessly for me to finally say, 'You know what? I'm done'. I was just so so fed up of living with this silly fear holding me back. In order to do so - to finally let go - I knew it meant just going for it, jumping in the deep end, and taking a 'YOLO' approach to every situation.

I was inspired by Bodyform's new 'Live Fearlessly' campaign, which is all about facing your fears and not letting anything stand in the way of your dreams. 

This short video challenges three courageous women to not only share their fears - which in itself can leave a person feeling exposed and sometimes, ashamed of what they are hiding - but to face them head on. 

What is it that holds you back? Is there something you wish didn't feel you with anxiety, and that you could just tackle once and for all? I'm challenging you to face that fear. Whether you want to overcome it alone, and it be a private success, or you want to celebrate your triumph with others - just like the women in the video - comment below and let me know!

As you all know, I love anything which is about improving your life and being the best 'you' you can be, and there is no denying that not facing your fears leaves you stuck in a rut, impossible to move forward, and not fully experiencing life. Life's too short - challenge yourself and live fearlessly.

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