Monday, November 17, 2014

Ko Lanta

After a short stopover in Krabi, Alicia and I headed to the beautiful island that is Ko Lanta for 3 nights. We stayed at Jackies Bungalow, Long Beach (also known as Phra Ae). Long Beach seems to have the most ambience of all the beaches on the island, with all the bars and restaurants clustered at the North (the cheaper, backpacker-friendly end) and the South (more upscale resort end) of the beach, with a beautiful strip of untouched white sand linking the two.

Regardless of where you stay on Ko Lanta, you will be no more than 500m from the beach - we were 80m.

The day after we arrived, Alicia and I rented out bikes and explored the island. Note: Alicia did try to attempt to ride a motorbike (like 99% of other people on the island), but it was clear to both us, and the guy renting the bike out to us, that unfortunately she was not a natural - so we decided instead to go for a pair of good ol' fashioned bicycles.

Amongst various fruit shake and beach stops, we also visited to Lanta Animal Welfare, a shelter and vetinary practice for ill, stray and abandoned cats and dogs on the island. We were given a tour around the center, where we met many of the animals and learnt how each ended up at Lanta Animal Welfare, with many of them now being adopted by visitors and flown across the world to new loving owners.

We also stumbled upon Sanctuary, a restaurant and yoga school on the island. We had planned to attend the sunset yoga class on the beach (how amazing would that have been?!?!), however the heavens opened and there was a huge downpour,  drawing our bike ride to a close.

The following day we booked a 4 island tour (which, by the way, it seems every island in Thailand seems to have). We went by longtail boat to a snorkel point, where swarms of little fishes swam past us. Next we were taken to the Emerald Cave, where we had to swim 100m or so through a pitch black tunnel to reach an amazing little cove, where the pirates used to store their hidden treasures!

Just like the previous day, our adventure was sadly cut short by a continuous heavy downpour on the island, so we called it a day and headed back to our bungalow.

That night we had dinner at Irie,  a delicious restaurant on Long Beach, where I had quite possibly the yummiest vegan burger I've ever tasted, followed by a vegan chocolate mousse for dessert - mmm-MMMm.

There was live music on nearby at Freedom Bar, right next to our bungalow, which, like many Thai bars and restaurants, substitutes chairs for cushions, and demands customers talk to each other, rather than tapping onto wi-fi.

We're now in one of our final stops, Ko Phi Phi, before flying out in tomorrow to Sydney. Time has flown so fast but boy am I ready for Aus! Bring it onnnnnnn!

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