Saturday, January 10, 2015


Yesterday Alicia and I ventured down to Glebe's weekly Saturday market, abundant in second hand clothing, delicious patisserie treats, handmade jewellery and unwanted books and DVDs.

For anyone who has ever been, it very much resembles Brooklyn Flea Market, in the sense it is held in a large open space, with stall holders strictly under 30 and lots of cheap, tatty vintage clothing which, admittedly, I wouldn't give a 2nd glance to if I were anywhere else.

I find that vintage markets are very hit and miss, and unfortunately yesterday was a 'miss' and I didn't manage to discover any gems. That said, Glebe served me well in the food department. I bought a raw cane juice (which was ground fresh right in front of me!) from Tall Grass Cane Company, a raw vegan mango and macadamia cheesecake from 80raw/ 20paleo, and a pumpkin spice muffin.

Directly opposite the market is Glebe bookshop, which naturally, Alicia and I spent nearly an hour in, engrossed in the dozens of coffee-table books on offer.

Next door is another bookshop, however walking through to the back of the library, we found ourselves a true hidden gem; Sappho Books, Cafe and Wine Bar. Behind what we thought was just an old, quaint bookstore, was a vegan cafe by day, and a wine & tapas bar by night. I cannot exclaim my excitement for this place!!! The outdoor area out back is frivolous in green potted plants, graffiti-covered walls and uni-students tapping into the free wi-fi, studying away. I can only imagine what a wonderful atmosphere it would be at night, with the wine bar and local beer on draft, live acoustic music and of course, yummy cruelty-free Spanish tapas.

It's so strange because just on the ferry in to the city Saturday morning, I told Alicia of my dreams of opening up a vegan coffee shop - a true gap in the market, I thought - looks like someone got in there before me! What can I say.. Great minds think alike, right?

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