Thursday, February 12, 2015


With it being Valentines Day just around the corner I thought I'd put a spin on things and talk about self-love; why I think it is insanely important, and how to practice it. Prepare for the up-most gushiest post ever but what else would you expect from me?!

Okay so let's start with a definition.

  1. 'regard for one's own well-being and happiness.'

To me, this basically means not doubting yourself or shaming your appearance, but rather valuing yourself and believing you are perfect as is. It means not trying to change yourself because you wholly accept yourself just as you are. Self love means recognizing what you enjoy and what makes you happier, and pursuing those things, for yourself. If you love yourself, you are content with how you are, 'flaws', 'faults' and all.

This Valentines Day, regardless of whether you have a special someone to spend it with, make it a promise to yourself to take some time to recognize how happy you are with yourself. Do you prioritize yourself? Do you fault your appearance? Do you make time each day to do what makes you happy? Can you hand on heart tell me you are at a peace with yourself?

Whilst in school, I seriously struggled with accepting myself and spent years battling wars against my own head, and God do I wish I knew then what I know now.

What helped me move past this 'phase' was the realization that I was seriously wasting my life away. I began to accept that our life is only as good as we make it and so why, if everything in life is a choice, would I choose to spend it unhappy? I believe we have one life and one life only - time is limited and I want to enjoy every moment. I decided I wanted to be happy and that I wasn't going to let myself be miserable any longer. Let me tell you, life is a hell of a lot better when you love yourself. 

Note: there's no denying that the term 'self-love' has some negative connotations. Vain, conceited and egocentric are all ones that come to mind. But loving yourself is not something to look negatively upon. What we should look negatively upon is the fact that all our lives we've been surrounded by advertisements, magazines and the general media industry who tell us we are always needing to improve ourselves. 'Buy this to get rid of your spots!' 'This miracle product will vanish those stretch marks!' What we don't realize is that these companies are literally gaining money from our low self esteem. They point out our supposedly flaws, just so we buy in to the products that will remove them. It's normal to have spots!!!! Everyone has stretch marks!!! Shock horror - no one is born with soft, silky hair!!!

You know what? I say be selfish. Put yourself first. If  having a solo dance party in your room to the cheesiest 90's tracks makes you feel good, do it! If spending hours with a book in a coffee shop is your idea of a perfect day, do it!

'Find what makes your heart sing and create your own music.'

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